It’s been the most thrilling year for me as a musician so far. I’ve played more shows than ever, bigger shows than ever and more and more people came to visit me on the road. Thank you for a great year 2015!

Thanks to Chadwick Stokes, Ryan O’Reilly and Die Apokalyptischen Reiter for taking me on tour. Thank you for coming out to my shows! Thanks to all the great venues for having me. Thank you Take Care-Freiburg for all your beautiful artwork. Thank you Thomann Music and Iriedaily for your support! Thank you Deniz Jaspersen (Herrenmagazin) for your help, your time and advise. Thank you Antoine Laval for your great drum work.Thank you Janna for your patience and comprehension! Thanks to all  my friends and family for your understanding and support. I hope to have you all on board next year. Merry Christmas!

Greatfully, your Astray